Green Turtle Shells Lesson 15 - Virtual Station Day!

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Station Day!!!

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Here we go Station Day!!! Have fun! Round up the whole family if you'd like. These are a great way to celebrate what we've learned, as well as see some different kinds of application of the skills we've been working on.

  • Visit this video and try out some fun body percussion: You can change the playback speed - maybe start out at .5x and move up...
  • Escape the Room by finding some fun clues:
  • Play this Jeopardy-like quiz game:
  • Play "Don't Eat Edna" (download the game board below). Put one piece of candy in each square. Player 1 decides which square will be “Edna”. Player 2 picks up one piece of candy at a time. If the candy is not Edna, they can eat it. If it is, player 1 calls out “Don’t Eat Edna!” and switch turns.
  • Play "Interval Bingo" (download the game cards below) by rolling a die and making that interval on your quiet keyboard with 2 notes from your "kit", then x-ing out the interval on the Bingo card. 6's are freebies, plus a chance to roll again.
  • Complete the "GT Coloring Station" worksheets (download below).


So, tSSSoSo, the goal over the break would be a little bit of relaxed daily practice to keep the skills taught over the semester fresh and honed. By Yellow Arrows they should be able to recognize and play all chords in RH with fairly quick and smooth transitions. (Please double check the FINGERINGS, especially of the yellow chord, which is different from the other chords!)
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Holiday Ensemble

Fun ways to incorporate the entire family with a Holiday Sing & Play-a-Long!

  • Student/parent plays chords while everyone sings along. Play chords an octave higher or lower to change the timbre of the song.
  • Play as a duet, trio, or quartet. Someone plays melody, others play chords on piano. All Sing!
  • Play Silent Night with broken chords (play each note of the chord separately: Do-Mi-Sol, Do-Fa-La, Ti-Re-Sol). Invite someone else to play the melody an octave higher.
  • Invite younger siblings to play rhythm instruments to add variety while piano is playing: jingle bells, tambourines, drums, etc.
  • If anyone in your family or friend circle plays any other instruments like guitar, ukulele, violin, cello, etc, have them play along with your child! It is completely exhilarating to have these fun jam sessions!
  • Wear a costume while you play.
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Here is one more Christmas Carol to add variety to daily practice and spread Holiday Cheer!

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