Green Turtle Shells Lesson 4

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Lesson #4

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Suggestions specific to this lesson:
Welcome everyone back from summer and be excited for the 2nd Year: Keyboard Time!

Outline the practice process for this year:

Here at the beginning, practice only needs to take as little as Outline the practice process for this year:

Next week parent’s attend and tuition is due!

Next week when you come, you can make class especially great by arriving a few minutes early to get your child settled at the keyboard, and throughout class encourage your child, praise them for the wonderful progress their little hands have made (hugs, DO bombs, high 5's, etc.), participate in all of the activities, and HAVE FUN!!!! This time with them always means a lot.



Celebrate Connection




A few ideas to bring playfulness to practice time!


  • - Roll one die (dice) and play Kit Kat Keyboard or Old Paint that many times
  • - Sing along while you play Old Paint in a British Accent
  • - Run across the room and give your Mom or Dad a hug or a high five (or MI hug...) after you finish each song





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White Keys
This week we reviewed anchor notes C & F in class with the 2nd verse of Kit Kat Keyboard. Play a quick game of “Show Me a _______”( LOW F, HIGH C or a MIDDLE C). This will help cement these white anchor notes as well as review keyboard geography!

Red Chord
Do you want to build a snowman? This year, a red chord will always be stacked up nice and neat like a snowman with two stacks of 3rds. Enjoy drawing rounded snowmen for the theory this week!

Old Paint
Now that we know how to read and play a red chord we get to play our favorite Old Paint! When you sing together exaggerate that down beat: good BYE, old PAINT, I'm LEAV-in Chey-ENNE. Mix it up singing in a cowboy voice, an opera voice, in a video for grandma! SING ALONG as your child accompanies you both feeling the steady beat and hearing beautiful harmonies all at once!






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Our first puppet show this year has been renamed “Spring Bees” for the sake of Let's Play Music's story line. However, its real name is “Spring” and is from a set of four violin concertos called, The Four Seasons composed by Antonio Vivaldi. What is your child’s favorite character? Can they hear the loud (forte) and soft (piano) within the themes? Which themes are major and which ones are minor?