Purple Magic Lesson 3

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Lesson #3

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Just a short not this week. Since flat, sharp and natural are new, the student workbook will remind you to add the flat, sharp and natural signs to your flashcards. While you are at it, be sure to ask your child to show you a flat, sharp or natural with their bodies and voices! And have them tell you the "Accidental Day" story if they remember...


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Flat, Sharp, and Natural Game

We won't just learn the names of these terms and how they work, we use our bodies and our voices to truly internalize and understand how each of these terms can affect any of our regular music alphabet white keys. 

Our Bugs Are So Fun

Your student is now ready to recognize rhythm notation using 'real' note names and counting terms. This song will help keep that fun!


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Get inspired from one of the very first Let's Play Music graduates! She graduated from her 3rd year of Let's Play Music back in 2001, and look where she is now