Purple Magic Lesson 8

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Lesson #8

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Next week is parent week and tuition is due! I'm looking forward to having your join us! It's always so much fun! They are all doing SO well! Their showtime pieces have really shown the hard work they're all doing!
Please keep them going on those foundational skills - flashcards (EVERY DAY!), correct chord and scale fingerings, etc. These things will be used through the rest of their musical lives, and putting in any extra time now to build correct habits and learn instant recognition will pay off HUGE in the short and long term! If you notice that they're struggling in any of those areas, let me know, and I will be happy to share some extra games or exercises to help them get them down!
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Song of Joy 

After experiencing it with our bodies, your child is ready to execute this tricky upbeat rhythm with their fingers. This song is also an opportunity to play as part of an ensemble in class and to audiate the model in their head while playing on their own.

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Speaking of playing as an ensemble staff, check out this live instrument flash mob of Ode to Joy in Spain! 

Hows it going with your flashcards? Have you shuffled in the treble clef lines yet? Click here for an online game to quiz your student on all of the treble clef notes we have learned so far!