Purple Magic Lesson 4

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Lesson #4

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Hello friends! Next week is parent week and tuition is due! I can't wait to have you in class with us!!!

We'll be adding new note flashcards on our next “parents day” class (Lesson 5), so now’s the time to make sure your student really has a handle on the Treble Clef Space Notes and the "Middles". It will be much easier for them to learn new notes if they’re already really good at identifying the old ones.

Ask your child to do the "Dot, Dot, Do it again" dance for you and tell you what it means (hint: "Repeat, Repeat...").

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This song is jam packed with opportunities for musical development. We will further develop our sight reading skills (playing something we have never seen before), stretch our experience with playing intervals, encounter rhythmic reading and learn more about the classical ABA (ternary) form with our fingers instead of JUST our ears. And you thought it was just a fun song you remember singing as a kid, huh?

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An amazing children's music educator and clinician, Topher Keene, taught us a great concept at our last symposium. Don't be afraid to sing along! I hope to hear voices raised with gusto in our next class! :) 


The Importance of Parents Singing