Purple Magic Lesson 5

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Lesson #5

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Next week is our first “Showtime” week! I will be having the students show off however they have been practicing “Bounce and Roll” and assessing that they understand the skills being taught within that repertoire piece. They’ll get a little solo time with me to show me their stuff, I’ll make a little note about how they played on their semester progress report, and we’ll move on and not play that song in class again. I don’t give “grades”, this is just to help me get an idea of each child’s individual progress on a song, their playing ability, and will also help me identify any “problem” spots that might need a little attention. 

I'd like to do this at the beginning of class, as soon as the kids enter class, so if you’re able to drop them off right at 5 till class time, that would be helpful as well.

Some quick reminders:

  • Remind your child to play a different pattern each day for Let's Play Music.
  • Just a small technicality, when you are doing ‘V’ fingers for your student, you will need to be sitting to the left of your child. Then he/she can see what notes are coming next and you won’t be in his/her way.
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Magic Keys

This song is a multi-tasker! It helps us understand key signatures and chord theory, plus gives us the opportunity to practice our scales and cadences while self accompanying. Wow! Now that's complete musicianship! Check out this blog post!

Scratch My Back

When a cadence pattern doesn't make it back 'home' to a red chord, it gets stuck halfway on a yellow chord. This fun activity helps us not only hear, but 'feel' an unresolved half cadence with our whole body!

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Everyone did a great job pointing out flat, sharps and naturals on their quiet keyboards in class this week. Here's an online version that you and your student can play at home (or on the go) any time, and here's a little 'accidental' humor for you this week.

Now that we have 'unbanded' all of the Treble Clef notes in our flashcards, you will enjoy this Treble Clef parody of Taylor Swift's I Knew You Were Trouble!