Purple Magic Lesson 6

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Lesson #6

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Wow! These purple magicians are showing me some magical growth, especially with our first ever "Showtime" piece. Most of them played Bounce and Roll - we took time to listen to each student showcase a little bit of the song - they did an amazing job with their staccato and legato, and a couple played hands together (and memorized)! We cheered for each other, and now we're moving on from that song. We did not have time to hear everyone, so I will do one more listen next week before class. They'll not play it again in class. I'll let you know when to prepare for our next showtime!

Don't forget to brush up on those song lyrics, especially Magic Keys and Our Bugs are so Fun right now. The concepts in those songs will stick with them for years to come, and will provide easy memory for very important musical ideas.

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Ode to Joy 

We practiced hearing downbeats last year, now we’re listening for the upbeats as well. The downbeat is the first beat of the measure, and the upbeat just precedes that stronger downbeat. This song helps us feel that with our bodies --- and helps us to get to know a little bit about Ludwig van Beethoven along the way! 

Halloween Night 

This 'spooky' song is a great repertoire piece to give us a little more practice on our C minor cadence. Hands will play together in our new 3/4 time signature, and we will even have an opportunity to try a bit of improvisation as the semester continues.

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Even the Muppets like to have a little fun with the upbeat in Ode to Joy. Click here if the video doesn't display below!