Purple Magic Lesson 11

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Lesson #11

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In class we started taking melodic dictation. I played a few musical notes, and the students had to listen and figure out what they were hearing, then decode how it should be written. We will continue developing this aural perception skill throughout the rest of the school year. What an amazing skill!!!

Next week we will do showtime for Song of Joy.

We started learning Twinkle, Twinkle (pg.22). As we start to play this first theme, remind your student to stretch their right hand into the "Blue Chord" position to touch 'G' with finger 4, and 'A' with finger 5. Then when coming back down, slide your thumb from 'D' to 'C', and you'll be back in C position again! Click here for a quick video showing how this will look. 


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Turkey In The Straw

This repertoire piece will have us playing the melody in the right hand and NOW the left hand as well. It will also give us another opportunity to practice our transposing. Your student is doing some pretty impressive stuff!!!

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Thanksgiving will be here before you know it. Our Let's Play Music Blog has some fun ideas for a few Turkey extras your whole family can enjoy!