Purple Magic Lesson 13

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Lesson #13

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Thanks for coming and for your ongoing support. It makes all the difference to the success of your students!!!

Lesson 14 is a little different, and we will do Showtime for Twinkle, Jingle Bells and Away in a Manger. I'll take some time with each child while everyone else is taking a theory quiz so we can highlight all we've been learning! We'll go over how that went during our station day!

Have your students focus on one 'variation' to play for you-- maybe they can even come up with their own minor or fancy variation. Here is one of our very own Let's Play Music graduates playing their 'snazzy' variation of Twinkle Twinkle. 

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Away In a Manger

This repertoire piece is a fun one - using both hands in the treble clef. It's kind of a bonus song along with Jingle Bells. We will show off that we understand the skills in class, but don't forget these fun songs and keep working on them over the semester break.

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Check out these musical 'play on words' for you and your 3rd year student to decipher together! With the holidays approaching here is a Gift-Buying Guide for Musical Kids