Red Balloons Lesson 15

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Lesson #15

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Wow, the semester flew by! I love teaching your kids and am so grateful to work with parents that are so involved in their child’s life. You are really giving your children a gift by allowing them to learn the skills and concepts that live in the art form of music. I am excited for Blue Bugs and cannot wait until January! Take a small breather, then after the holiday start listening to the Blue Bugs CD.

Thank you for all of your feedback this week on the parent evaluations. I take all feedback into consideration and strive to come up with the best collective way to make things better. I, the teacher, as well as the Let's Play Music company, collectively appreciate your honesty and frankness in your responses. We take educating your children seriously and we appreciate your insight on things we can improve on.

If you know anyone interested in starting Let’s Play Music 1st year classes next fall, or Sound Beginnings THIS JANUARY (0-4 year olds), I do have a waiting list. I want to give your family and friends priority on this list, so let me know of anyone interested. Please have them contact me ASAP. Encourage those interested to sign up NOW to reserve their spot.

Our January class start date is January 7th, same fun time, same fun place! Lastly, have a wonderful holiday season! I hope your enjoy your special family time!

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Primary Chord Song

Today we reviewed several different concepts and skills that we’ve learned throughout the semester. You should be very proud of your budding musician. They are doing so very well. We’ll jump into new information again when we return in January!

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Enjoy this rendition of The Waltz of the Flower! Merry Christmas everyone.

Also, here is some bell music to print and play! Enjoy the amazing musicianship skills your young children are learning.