Green Turtle Shells Lesson 6

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Lesson #6

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I hope you all are enjoying this journey with your children as I am! And when they sense your enjoyment and pride over their hard work and accomplishments, they will be much more likely to continue to put in the hard work. It's so great! Thanks for your continued support and cheerleading at home! Don't forget to have them keep listening to and singing with those songs at home. The payoff there is huge.

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Bubble Hands

Playing along with the Bubble Hand song on the CD is the perfect opportunity to encourage your child to keep the bubble hand shape while they push down other fingers to play as well as reinforce finger numbers. Once they MASTER finger numbers in order, switch up the finger numbers in the 2nd verse. A fun way to extend this activity is to "write" the finger numbers on their fingers with marker OR “write” the finger numbers on the tops of the fingers on a latex glove which they wear while they play!

Turtle Shells

Speaking of finger numbers, your Turtle Shells discovered that intervals are played with specific finger numbers. A 2nd is played with fingers 1 & 2, a 3rd is played with 1 & 3, and a 4th is played with 1 & 4. Remember “Thumbs are ONES!” The bottom note of every interval is a middle C. It is the most important note because it has its VERY OWN line!!!


Hurry, Hurry we learned to play a Sol-Fa-Mi-Re-Do! For practice play the song on the CD and let them 'dance' in their seat, then get in C-position and play the ding ding ding part. On each verse alternate between singing the solfege, the finger numbers, ding dings, and even "5 notes stepping down."

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Come on an adventure with Turtle Tom and Turtle Tim as they encounter the sounds of intervals!!