Green Turtles Shells Lesson 5

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Lesson #5

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The kiddos are quickly learning the keyboard basics and moving right along quite nicely. You may be yearning to hear your little one playing beautiful pieces, but remember, this is not just a piano course. We are learning harmony, ear training, singing, and classical music. In time, it will all come together in a more complete and satisfying way than just playing a piece. Enjoy this journey with your child!

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Kit Kat Keyboard:

Playing all the C's and then all the F's as fast as we can builds our spatial awareness of the keyboard (octave spacing). Mix it up this week by racing the song up the keyboard, or racing down the keyboard. Suggest they look at their fingers, then look away or even close their eyes!

Sol Fa Mi Re Do

“Who sits on your SOL-FA? MI and RE eating cookie DO!” A catchy phrase to remember the new melodic pattern we are learning. Our big goal is to HEAR and Recognize and also to SEE and Recognize and PLAY the melodic patterns. We will begin playing Sol Fa Mi Re Do next week!

Sally Go Round

This is a fun game to play at home! Emphasize all landing together on BOOM! It is the whole body experience of the same kinesthetic energy that it takes to lift the hand and come down on the beat when you play a song.


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We are training the ear to hear layers of sound with the aquatic canonSolfeg Seafriends. By studying each individual part, we will be able to hear them distinctly even when they are played together. This is a great skill that a lot of adults haven’t yet acquired, with exception of Billy Joel and Jimmy Fallon!