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Lesson #10
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Our last week of class with be "Instrument Day"! This is a super fun lesson where families get to share an instrument with the rest of the class. Do you, your spouse, aunt, friend, etc. play an instrument that you would be willing to share with us? We would love to hear a song from the semester or anything else you know! Or maybe your child might want to try a solo from the semester (singing or on an instrument they bring from home). If not, no biggie, performing is optional. Start talking to your child about what instrument you would like to share with the group on this exciting lesson!
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What is the purpose of instrument day?
On instrument day, students have the opportunity to see and hear instruments up close. It is a exciting teaching tool and helps children develop a greater appreciation for music. Those who share an instrument benefit from the preparation and experience of speaking and performing in front of a group. It is a great bonding activity for families and helps students gain confidence as musicians! Even if students do not perform a solo, they are gaining important listening skills and are learning how to be a good audience member.
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optional home fun activity

Lesson 10: no home fun activity this week

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What fun it is to jump like a frog to the Infernal Galop song by Jacques Offenbach. Here are some more fun frog themed games and activities to try.

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