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Lesson #13
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A note on your child singing solo - some of your youngsters love to sing aloud by themselves, others do not. Some children may be a bit shy, some may not know the words well enough, and others are just so interested in listening to the music they "forget" to add their voice. All of these are developmentally appropriate for this age. Just continue to model singing, by yourself and with your child. He/she will eventually "find" his/her voice!
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Instrument Focus: Harp
Harps are members of the string family but they are played differently. The harp has 47 strings and seven double-action pedals. The harpist sits and plays with both hands plucking the strings while the feet operate the pedals. The harp can play the largest range of notes of all orchestral instruments. The harp is one of the oldest of all instruments, but it has only been used as a regular member of the orchestra for about the last 150 years. Check out the well-known harp cadenza from Tchaikovsky's Waltz of the Flowers.
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optional home fun activity

Lesson 13: make Lucy's Locket's pocket and play the game at home

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To go fishing for crawdads at your house, try making your own "crawfish" with this fun egg carton lobster template.

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