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Lesson #6
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When singing with your child, encourage them to clap or pat along to the beat. Some children will not be ready for this, but others will be able to keep the beat for a short time. Keep revisiting this concept and you will be amazed at what your child is learning!
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Tempo: Fast and Slow
Learning to feel and keep a steady beat is the most important, fundamental rhythmic skill. All other rhythm skills rely on the child's ability to perform the beat. We can help increase the children's sensitivity to beat and rhythm by doing fast and slow tempo activities. At home you can tap your laps, hands, floor, instruments (or anything!) while you feel and keep the steady beat of our songs together.
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optional home fun activity

Lesson 6: no home fun activity this week

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Play Miss Mary Mack at home with wooden spoons! Here are some other fun fast and slow activities to try at home.

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