Silver Buttons Lesson 9


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Lesson #9
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When we sing songs like "You are my Sunshine" we are not only practicing feeling the beat, but also bonding parent to child. For optimal learning a child must feel acceptance, love and encouragement. We are providing that environment for them to thrive!
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Instrument Focus: Oboe
The oboe is a double reed woodwind instrument. An oboe's sound is quite strong and once you know it, it is an easy sound to pick out of the orchestra. The sound has a rather heartbroken and sad quality to it, but occasionally you'll hear an oboe part that is playful. Because the musician must force air at very high pressure into the tiny slice in the reed, the oboe is very difficult to play.
Here is a classical piece that showcases two oboes.
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Lesson 9: no home fun activity this week

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Have fun with these shape craft ideas.

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