Blue Bug Lesson 2

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Lesson #2

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Once again, we had a great week. I just love my 1st year students! They are smart and so fun. Just a reminder parents come next week!

The kids are very used to me by now and I hope, feel quite comfortable. I am starting to watch them more closely and can see that you parents are doing such a great job helping them. Thank you for doing this. Thank you for making their education a priority.

If your child isn’t quite singing on pitch yet, don’t despair, it will come. One of the best ways to get them to hear it is to have them sing. That is why in class I keep telling them to sing with me. Even if they aren’t right on they should sing, sing, sing. As nonsensical as it sounds, singing out loud is one of the keys to hearing it inside.

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Bug Rhythms

The song “Can’t Bug Me” is the foundational song for counting our rhythms. We'll be using these bugs for the rest of the curriculum. This will become second nature very quickly!

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Meet the Blue Bugs....enjoy reading about why we use rhythm syllables in Let's Play Music.