Blue Bugs Lesson 7

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Lesson #7

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Thanks for joining us in class - your help and contribution are SO valuable! You’re amazing parents! It’s a miracle what can happen when small and simple things occur on a daily basis. Keep up the good work!

Don’t forget that a child’s first instrument is the singing voice. Singing in tune while listening to the music is a fantastic way to internalize pitch, intervals, chords, and chord progression. Keep listening (and singing!) to the Blue Bugs music!


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I've Been to Harlem

We took out the Do, Mi and Sol bells and played them all at the same time to create a "red" chord. We called this happy or "major"! I then changed the MIDDLE bell to make the sound sound sad or "minor". It's important for them to know that the MIDDLE note is the one that changes this sound. We are training the ears to recognize the difference between the two tonalities which helps us to recognize that music can help touch our emotions and influence those listening to music.

Dinosaur Song

We learned this new song today where we identify notes going up or down by moving our bodies and singing. The more senses you use as you learn the more your brain cements and internalizes the concepts.

Sleep, My Treasure

This lullaby increases the student's expressive awareness and reinforce major verses minor sounds.

How To Skip

In this activity we learned how to play steps and skips from notes written on the staff. Yes, we were reading music by looking at the relationships of the notes. Looking for the patterns and relationships of the notes to each other is the optimal way to sight read music.


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For a fun twist as you listen to our new "Sleep My Treasure" song, you can invite your kiddo to rock a stuffed animal while they listen. This helps them with keeping a steady beat, internalizing the beat and expanding their musical expressive awareness. So many great things from one little activity!