Blue Bugs Lesson 10

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Lesson #10

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It is time to REGISTER for next year! Keep in mind, in the 2nd year the parents only come five times a semester and we are on the keyboards. (So exciting!!!) Here's how to register.

Make sure you continue to "play practice" with your students. They are all doing well, so continue the music exposure and play time. It’s so fun to see them progress and love music so much. It is my pleasure to help be a part of their growth!

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Dinosaur Song

Yesiree, your kiddo is reading music! They played the “Dinosaur Song” on the bells while reading the written notation. They did it by looking at the patterns of steps and skips. You should be so proud of them!

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Baby Bumblebee

Please make sure your child knows this song. I will be asking them about it in class the next two weeks!

Music can change lives! What a gift you are giving your children! Check out how in this video.