Blue Bugs Lesson 12

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Lesson #12

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Parents come next time & tuition will be due. Please go ahead and just add your registration fee in for next year, and then I won't have to bug you again until August. :) Here are registration instructions for next year.


Also, there will be no class next week because of spring break. (I hope you have something exciting planned!)

The recital is coming up on Friday, May 7 at 6pm at Flint Hill Baptist Church. We will have each student use their own bells and spread out across the stage to keep socially distant. And the church has enough room to spread out between families.


Below is a practice list for the recital. Keep in mind, we are not a performing group, and this is a no-pressure event, but we do like to showcase what we have learned. I'd like to highlight 1 or 2 students at a time on Are You Sleeping, Dinosaur Song and How to Skip. The rest of the class will sing. Please let me know which song your child would prefer if they feel strongly about one. Otherwise, I'll just assign a song as we get closer to the recital.

Any questions, let me know!

Recital Practice list:


Do, Re, Mi: Major Scale up and down on bells - we WILL also play the DO MI MI, MI SOL SOL part of the song w/ CD, so if they can, let them show their stuff. Otherwise, they can just sing that part.


Old Paint: DO, MI, SOL, DO, MI, SOL etc. over and over again.


Are You Sleeping: do, sol, do (air) over and over.


Dinosaur Song


How To Skip



SINGING: Primary Chord Song/Chords in Pieces, Scotland's Burning, Can't Bug Me

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The Ants Go Marching

Marching to this fun song helps us learn to keep a steady beat. We also reviewed the cadence pattern SOL LA TI DO. Repetition is key to training the ear!

Baby Butterfly

This song is hard to get out of your head once you start singing it. This activity is designed to help the students identify bug rhythms and rhythmic patterns in the songs they are singing. In class we went on a bug hunt!

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We have been using solfege for a while now. If your child needs more exposure to help them remember the hand signs, read on...

Turn on this fun video of the "Ants Go Marching" and have your kids act out the catchy nursery rhyme! An added's great exercise!