Blue Bugs Lesson 13

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Lesson #13

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Thanks for coming this week parents! We love having you here. You are such a vital part of your child's music education!

The recital is Tuesday, May 10th from 6 to 6:30ish at Flint Hill Baptist Church in Fort Mill. Feel free to invite your family, extended family, neighbors or friends. Let's celebrate your child's accomplishments!

Listed below you will find the songs your student's class will be playing or singing at the recital. Help your child have an AWESOME experience by being prepared!

Recital Practice list

  • Do, Re, Mi with BELLS: Major Scale up and down! We WILL also play the DO MI MI, MI SOL SOL part of the song w/ CD.
  • Boom Boom, Ain't it Great to Be Crazy? with AUTOHARP: practice on your fake "book autoharp".
  • Old Paint with BELLS: Play a red chord over and over - DO MI SOL
  • How to Skip with BELLS: play with music in the back of book
  • Dinosaur Song with BELLS: play with music in the back of book
  • Are You Sleeping with BELLS: DO SOL DO (air) over and over

I will assign one or two children to each of the songs above. Please message me ASAP with their top 3 choices, and I'll make the assignments as soon as I hear from everyone. 


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Hokey Pokey

This fun traditional song helps to reinforce the SOL LA TI DO melodic cadence pattern. Identifying this pattern over and over again trains the ear to be sensitive to other patterns as well. We're developing intelligent listeners.

Sight Reading

This week one of our activities was to sight read the steps or skips from a given note. This is a great sign that the students are internalizing and processing several of the the concepts that we’ve been teaching. This is a crucial skill set needed to develop into a music sight reader!

Baby Butterfly / BINGO

Using the Baby Butterfly and BINGO activities we are able to see that our bugs are hiding in EVERY song! Now we’re decoding enough that the kiddos can find these rhythms on their own. Recognizing bug rhythms in songs helps the students to develop the ability to sight read better and then in 3rd year compose their own song.

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Let's practice sight reading!! Open up the Homework booklet and find the Lines & Spaces page at the back. Find some pennies, smarties, or anything that fits between the lines and play some games with your child. Not only is the "Hokey Pokey" training us to be intelligent's a lot of fun too! Here is fun video for your kids grab them and follow along.