Blue Bugs Lesson 14

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Lesson #14

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Parents come next week!
Recital coming up! Practice, practice!

On Friday, May 15th at Flint Hill Baptist Church in Fort Mill (269 Flint Hill Rd, Fort Mill, SC 29715) we will be having our Year End Recital. The recital starts at 6:00 pm. I am asking that the students arrive by 5:45 pm and join me in the sanctuary for some important last minute instructions. This will also give me a chance to assure them that we're all there to have fun and celebrate them!

Recital Practice list
1st year 4:00 class

BELLS: Do, Re, Mi (Major Scale up and down on bells! We WILL also play the DO MI MI, MI SOL SOL part of the song w/ CD.)
SINGING: Hear How the Bells, Old Paint, Can’t Bug Me

1st year 5:00 class
BELLS: Old Paint: (DO, MI, SOL, DO, MI, SOL etc. over and over again)
SINGING: Hear How The Bells, Can’t Bug Me and Do, Re, Mi, (practice with solfeg hand signs. On the DMM part, they will sing the lyrics, “When you know the notes to sing..etc.)

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Primary Chord Song

A new exciting activity today was singing a broken primary chord on command. The children sang the correct chord a cappella for me when I held up a color. They did fantastic! This shows us that their aural brain is internalizing pitches and their ability to sing in tune is developing. These concepts may seem unimportant, but they are crucial to developing a complete musician. Laying this solid aural foundation now will help your student take dictation in 3rd year and write their own composition.

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Let's Play steps and skips on our bells! If you open your Homework Booklet you'll find some bell music at the back. Encourage your child to play it. Even better, encourage them to start writing their own bell music and notate it if they'd like.

Singing in tune is one of the main objectives in Let's Play Music. A great way to reinforce this skill at home is to play a 3-4 note melody for your child and have them sing it back to you. As they get better and better, add more notes. You will be amazed at the quick progress your child will make. Their little brains are like sponges which allows them to be fast learners.