Orange Roots Lesson 10

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Lesson # 10

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Great lesson! Oh my goodness, they're just soaking up SO much! We are playing 5 finger patterns AND scales in FOUR KEYS! We did bass clef harmonic dictation, we reviewed some great counting and scale and triad building, and they're really getting it! Don't forget that next week is our FINAL COMPOSITION PRIVATE LESSON! If you haven't already, start writing in possible elements to your child's existing composition--a bridge, a coda, an introduction. Or at LEAST talk to your child about adding some elements and I can work my magic on my end. Either way, send their old composition (with any new notes).

Optional: If you think your students could afford to work at home with their own counting cards, you can attach for parents to run off at home. They can begin using the level 3 cards this week- completely optional.

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The Circus

The official name of this puppet show is Symphony No. 1, 2nd movement by Gustav Mahler. The initial inspiration for this song was found by the composer in a burlesque engraving: 'The Huntsman's Funeral' and was taken from an old book of fairy stories. The animals of the forest accompany the dead huntsman's coffin to the graveside. This movement is intended to express a mood alternating between ironic gaiety and uncanny brooding.

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Check out this youth orchestra performing the music to our Circus puppet show live. These performers aren't a whole lot older than your child! When you click on the link, listen carefully for some new music not on our CD. Ask your child if it makes them think of a possible new character/theme for our show!