Orange Roots Lesson 6

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Lesson # 6

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Yay!!! Composition has started happening! These private sessions are some of my favorite parts of the whole curriculum, and last week was everything I had hoped it would be! :D I had so much fun with our one-on-one time, and I was blown away with your children's compositions and ideas! It was fun dreaming up ideas of what was to come next. I think they each felt successful and happy with what they had accomplished.
Please have your child play their piece for you and celebrate their creativity and hard work with them! (I'll send individual notes with your children's composition attached.) We are not finished yet, so encourage them to keep dreaming and working. Now that we have something on paper, encourage your student to continue practicing their composition and complete their story line. Many of the children have finished their "A section" and now need to focus on writing a contrasting "B section", or have a melody, and could add some chord accompaniment in the left hand, etc. We will have another private lesson on Lesson 11. Let me know if your child needs a little extra help between now and then. Persuade them to start working on the next part of their song. Continue to add to your compositions. You’re on a roll, so don’t stop now! We will finish the composition on Lesson 11 and prepare from there to play it at the recital. (So no changes after that week!)
On From the New World, don't forget about the 'blue chord position' and special 'bass C' position that the LH will need to move to on pg. 15 of Part III. Here is a quick video to help with that.
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Watch this video of a young prodigy composer who pulls four musical notes out of hat, improvising and composing a piano sonata in under a minute.