Orange Roots Lesson 8

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Lesson # 8

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Wow, we're really ramping up on the learning! They are so primed to learn things quickly, and it's so cool to be able to introduce new things, and have them just take off with them. For example, this week we introduced the A minor scale and cadence (here's a demo video if help is needed), rhythmic dictation, and drawing a bass clef. They took it all in stride!
Next week we will have Showtime for New World Symphony, and you will join us for class! (Yay! I love having you guys!)
Orange rhythm flashcards- students will now unband ALL 16 cards.  
If you think your students would like to work at home with their own counting cards (like the ones we've been using in class), go ahead and print these off. They can begin using the level 2 cards.
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Russian Sailor Dance

This song is ALWAYS a student favorite. Another great repertoire piece that reinforces ABA form, improvisations, and provides a study in legato and staccato themes. But it's the exciting accelerando at the end that will have your student BEGGING to practice it all the time!


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Have you already found a private teacher for when your student graduates from Let's Play Music? It is best if you can meet in person with the teacher before the summer break to help the new teacher get to know your child's progress while its still fresh. Here is a great post on our Let's Play Music Blog with tips on how to interview and what to look for in a private teacher.