Black Spiders Lesson 15


Black Spiders Lesson #15


Instrument Day was a perfect end to a fabulous semester! I’ve enjoyed watching your young musicians explore, learn, and have fun! Thank you for your enthusiasm, participation, and the many other ways you contributed to our class. I hope you’ll join us for our Gold Stars class next semester! Enrollment instructions can be found HERE.


Every child is capable of developing musical talent and, by enrolling your child in Sound Beginnings, you introduced them to music during the most optimal time to begin the study of music! Their young brain is uniquely qualified to absorb and process new information and skill sets, and learning music enhances brain functions in ways many other activities cannot:

  • musicians use both the left and the right sides of their frontal cortex more than the average person
  • musicians more effectively use a creative technique called divergent thinking
  • musical brains show more vibrant activity in the visual cortex, as well as the auditory and motor cortices of the brain
And there is more good news...these mental gains made by practicing an instrument tend to be permanent!
Optional home fun activity: No activity this week. You can always complete any you may have missed during this semester