Sound Beginnings Registration Instructions

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Hi parents!

Thank you for your interest in Sound Beginnings! I'm so excited to begin our newest semester! We will have an amazing experience together as we build sound minds through musical play! To secure your place in class, complete this simple step: 

Enroll and Reserve Materials

Click the button below to be directed to my studio page on the Let's Play Music website. Once there, you will select the desired class, log in (or set up a new account), and be prompted to enter my enrollment ID: 25324.

You will then select the student you are enrolling or create a new student. Finally, you will reserve class materials.  

If this is your first time with us, please select the "Full Set" of materials for the first child and add any individual items as needed for siblings (not required). 


If you're a returning student, you may just purchase the "Semester Set". All materials will be shipped to the studio and I will distribute them at our first class.


The complete materials set includes Student Workbook, access to the class music tracks through the "Let's Play Music app", and class instrument. For siblings, you may select any of the items, or none, if you wish. 
Class Tuition

Tuition is due once classes begin at the end of August. 

  • First child is $200 per semester or 4 monthly installments of $50
  • Family rate: $40 extra per sibling. 

You may pay by using:

Enrollment Policy

By paying your registration fee and enrolling online, you agree to this policy:

  • Both the Registration Fee and Online Enrollment payment are needed to hold a spot for your child(ren) in class.
  • Once materials are reserved, they can not be refunded. However, if there is a problem, contact me for any options.
  • Information given during online enrollment will not be sold or shared.
  • It is anticipated your child will remain enrolled in the studio throughout the entire 15 week semester of Sound Beginnings. 

View and Share Class Video
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