Pink Piggies Lesson 11

Pink Piggies Lesson #11

Have you enjoyed the singable books we have shared in class this semester? Your local library is likely to have a few. Even if books are not ‘singable’, they are still a great way to connect with your child at home. Fun Fact: if you spend just 20 minutes per day reading with your child, during the course of the year you will have accumulated over 120 hours of quality time with him.


Children are known to sing spontaneously because it is joyous, playful, personal, expressive, and creative. Their natural desire to imitate can help develop their singing voice, and even very young children can learn to match pitch and sing simple melodies correctly. Sound Beginnings’ activities are designed to foster the desire to sing and the repertoire purposefully falls within a comfortable singing range for children (typically the pitches from middle C to treble C).

Optional home fun activity: Do the Grandma’s Glasses activity on page 21
(Remember, these activities are optional but can be a great bonding experience to do with your child during the week.)