Pink Piggies Lesson 7

Pink Piggies Lesson #7

Play is powerful! Research shows that play is the most effective pathway to learning. Playing feels natural and safe to children because:

  • failure is not a deterrent to trying again
  • there is ample time to problem solve through testing and evaluation
  • repetition is encouraged and expected
  • it engages the body and the brain
  • playing is joyful!

Pointing to the beat mat, using the body, and playing simple instruments give children numerous opportunities to experience the steady beat in a piece of music. Learning to feel and keep a steady beat is an important part of musicianship. It has also been shown to have a positive impact on foundational mathematics concepts, early literacy skills and fine- and gross-motor skills. So, keep on keeping the beat!

Optional home fun activity: Make the ‘To Market’ cutouts on page 27
(Remember, these activities are optional but can be a great bonding experience to do with your child during the week.)