What is Musical Connections Studio?

Musical Connections Studio's mission is to help connect children to their musical and educational potential, connect families, and connect the community through sharing joyful musical moments. Musical Connections is a music studio based in Fort Mill, SC, and is run by Tracy Schwartz (or Ms. Tracy).


Who is Ms. Tracy?

Music has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. English is my native language, but music is the language I have chosen to study and speak through my whole life. I also love children. I have 3 of my own, and have found that using music in my parenting brings us closer, helps me calm them and myself, and transcends many barriers.


I have a Bachelors degree in Vocal Performance and Pedagogy from Brigham Young University. I play the piano, flute, organ and have recently picked up the ukulele. I have taught private piano, voice and flute lessons on and off (mostly on) ever since I was 16 (I won't tell you how many decades that's been...), young children's group classes for almost a decade, and have sung in and directed countless adult and children's choirs over the years. I love to sing anywhere and everywhere I can, from symphony halls to street corners and bedsides. 

I love putting my passion for music and teaching children together to help create a rich learning and bonding experience for my music students and their families, and I like to think I do it in an engaging and fun way.



"I love the Sound Beginnings class for toddlers because it provides a fun, structured environment for my children to discover and learn music. The lessons are active and playful and involve singing, movement/dancing, musical stories, listening, puppet play, and much more. We have so much fun at the lessons, but best of all, we can continue having fun making music at home because we attend together."

* Lisa S.


"My daughter is in her last semester of the three year program and I am beyond words!! If your children are lucky enough to get into this class, you'll be so grateful! What they learn goes far beyond simple level one but introducing them to ideas they would learn in high school level, all while having fun! There is appreciation for hearing music as well. Seriously glad that I found this class!"

* Melissa R.


"Tracy is a phenomenal teacher. I've had many experiences with her teaching both children and adults. Tracy is dedicated to always improving upon what she knows, and that is the base of her desire to teach children, helping them find that same joy of learning and self accomplishment. Her musical skill only increases her ability to connect in a fun and pleasant way with the kids! Thank you Ms. Tracy!"

* The Orton Family