Green Turtle Shells Lesson 14

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Lesson #14

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Wow, here we are at the end of the semester! We have learned so much, and though the pace might have seemed slow to some speedy turtles, we have laid a very strong foundation, and now we're going to start building with greater speed. From here, you'll see your little musician start to take off!


Next week is Station Day. Parents attend with the children, and go through several fun game and activity stations, including one that's like a parent/teacher conference where we celebrate all they've learned this semester. It's always a highlight for the kids.




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Chord Transitions
Did you know we can play our chords with our eyes shut? The goal is to have their eyes on the music while they are playing as much as possible, with only quick glances at their fingers. With their favorite song, invite them to memorize it and "see" the chords in their minds while they play with their eyes closed.

Holiday Songs
The holiday songs in the back of the songbook are great practice to reinforce chord transitions while being entertaining for your student and family. These songs will add cheer to the holidays and festivities and they will help solidify the transition between ALL of the chords in the right hand before we begin Yellow Arrows. Jingle away!

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With the holidays approaching here is a Gift Buying Guide for your budding musician!