Purple Magic Lesson 2

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Lesson #2

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Hi all! Another great week for the books! I hope your student is getting back into the daily practice mode. Remember I'm looking for 10 tallies for each song (over at least 4 days, but preferably 5 or even more), and 5 flashcard tallies. And don't forget to initial their practice so I know YOU know. :)


This week at the beginning of class, we did our very first music notation exercise. They practiced drawing their own quarter notes! This will evolve into musical dictation: listening to something I play, and writing down what they hear. Super fun stuff (says the super music theory geek)! So again, being on time is SUPER important for those exercises each week!

If your student has been playing Scale In and Out with just the RH, they might try using BOTH this week. Here's the quick video link from last week's post in case you could use a refresher on what fingers go where.

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Caterpillar Cousins

Our old favorite caterpillar is BACK to help our finger strength, coordination, and dexterity! This time we are asking even MORE out of your little musician by requiring their hands to play in parallel motion. 

Bounce & Roll

Our first repertoire piece will have your child sight reading and playing hands together. It will also teach us how to accurately execute and recognize the articulation markings for staccato and legato that we experienced physically last week!

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A little Staccato and Legato humor for you...