Purple Magic Lesson 7

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Lesson #7

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Hi again. Just a couple of important notes from this week's class:

We will be doing Showtime for Alouette next week. 
We learned the rule for note stem directions today - if the note head is ON or ABOVE the 3rd line, the stem goes DOWN. If it's BELOW the 3rd line, it goes UP. Have your child do the chant and actions for you. "On or above, the stem goes down. If it's below, the stem goes up!"
We discovered 3/4 time this week, which sounds like "Lol-li-pop" (4/4 time sounds like "Wa-ter-mel-on").


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F Major Cadence

How exciting to play our primary chords in a new key! We will learn to strengthen and stretch our fingers in a new way. The fingerings will feel familiar, but we will also need to use our newly acquired knowledge about 'magic keys' as well as our ear training to play our chords correctly.

A Royal Problem 

Like all of our puppet shows, 'A Royal Problem' (Mozart's Symphony No. 40 in G minor, 3rd movement) aids in the intelligent listening of classical music. We learned to recognize major and minor tonalities, staccato and legato themes, and continued our study of classical ABA (ternary) form.

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Our Royal Problem puppet show is really the 3rd Movement of Symphony No. 40 in G Minor, by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. This work has elicited varying interpretations from critics, but the most common perception today is that the symphony is tragic in tone and intensely emotional. Watch a full orchestra performance below ( click here if video doesn't display below). As you watch with your student, ask them to label the A (problem) and B (not a problem) section for you. This will prepare them for their homework next week.