Purple Magic Lesson 9

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Lesson #9

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Showtime for Halloween Night next week!

Remember, this is more than a piano course. Our ultimate goal is to teach full musicianship. Singing on pitch, hearing the pitches in our head (audiation) and internalizing the words in the songs to cement music concepts, will help bring about a top quality musician. 

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Let's Play Music 

Wait a minute? This song isn't new! Using a song that our ears and fingers are VERY familiar with is a perfect stepping stone for being able to transpose. That's just a fancy word for reading notes in one key and playing in another. And it's kind of a big deal!! All the background in solfege, intervals, and skips and steps makes transposing super easy. We’ll have many more chances to transpose it this year.

Kitty Casket 

Yep, you probably already guessed it. Similar to our 'Scratch My Back' game, this helps us feel that unresolved half cadence with our whole bodies! But, this time we will have the opportunity to play it with our hands as well.

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Now that we have introduced the spaces in the bass clef, you will appreciate this educational parody of Meghan Trainor's music "All About That Bass" that reinforces the notes of the bass clef in a fun way! And just for fun, I have attached some coloring pages for our new 'Skaters' puppet show. Enjoy!