Purple Magic Lesson 12

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Lesson #12

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Next week is a parent week and tuition is due! Can't wait to have parents back in class!
We'll be doing showtime on Turkey in the Straw next week 

This week we did our "Melodic Dictation" in F Major! They're learning skill I didn't even try to learn until high school!

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Jingle Bells

Our fun Holiday song gave us a chance to add chords to a melody. Just like learning any new language, after you speak it, you learn to write it. Once our fingers get comfortable with playing it we will have another opportunity to transpose from C Major to F Major!

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By being consistent and modeling positive reinforcement you can have great success with your at-home practice! Your child will naturally follow what their environment gives them. The incredible paradox is that as you help your child, you can grow too! Here are some video practice tips from a fellow Let's Play Music parent to help remind you of some at home practice Do's and Don'ts! 

Thanksgiving Improv Game

Try this fun improvisation activity at home during your break, and sing all the things you're thankful for! Play as explained in the video, or switch it and sing a melodyand then add the chords that sound nice with it. If you get stuck, try fill-in-the-blank lyrics like "I am thankful for _______." or leave out the 'thankful' part and just sing two words like "____ and ____" (pumpkin pie and ice cream/music and piano/family and friends and especially YOU!).