Purple Magic Lesson 15

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Lesson #15

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Well, that's another one for the books! Thanks for taking time to come and have some fun with your kids. Your continued example of musical enjoyment makes a difference to how they view this experience. Way to go!


I hope you all have wonderful holidays! I'll see you back in the 2nd week of the new year (the 8th and 9th). Below is a copy of our Orange Roots calendar. I'll also print off a copy for your to take to the inside of your books.


I encourage them all to keep playing our fun holiday songs, and to do homework 15 for fun if they want to. See you in Orange Roots!

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Now that we know all the lines and spaces on the staff, we will introduce the 'In a Flash Club' in our orange semester. Check out this online game to quiz your student over the semester break on all of the treble and bass clef notes we have learned so far! Watch out for what clef it is!

For an added bonus try this version and have your student 'Say it, then play it.' 

Orange Roots 2020 Semester Calendar
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