Red Balloons Lesson 13

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Lesson #13

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Wow, it's always so fun when you come to class. When doing the "soundtrack" and bell practice you may, at times, feel it is unessential ‘busy work’ and one more ‘to do’ for you to accomplish that day. Keep in mind each LPM activity does have a purpose and that the key to successful musicianship and smarter kids are parents willing to take the time to do small and simple things daily in a fun playful way. These activities may seem insignificant, but the final product will astound you. Stay focused on the end goal and the play practice time will seem more meaningful. :)

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In a Humble Manger

This is a fun song to help kids understand how to keep a steady beat. It's such an important foundational skill! 

Let’s Play Music

This week our ears heard layers of sound as we sang the MI RE DO and SOL SOL DO ending to “Let’s Play Music” at the same time. Singing in harmony helps us to sing in tune and eventually sing in parts.


YES! WE READ MUSIC this week in our DO RE MI activity! So exciting! They did SO well!!! We are teaching our students to read by relationships, (steps, skips, leaps) not by note names. This is a more natural way to teach children to read music and it produces better sight readers because their brain isn’t bogged down with have to interpret the note names yet.

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Check out one of our amazing Let’s Play Music graduates!