Red Balloons Lesson 14

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Lesson #14

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Parents will come next week!

Next week is the final week of the semester!! Can you believe it? It went by so quickly. Because we will be having a short holiday break, I will be handing out the Blue Bugs materials, and the Blue Bugs calendar. You are welcome to start listening to this CD and preparing for our Blue Bugs class that will start in January.

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Let’s Play Music

Today in our Let’s Play Music song, we learned what MI RE DO & SOL SOL DO look like when written on the staff. The word “notation” means to place the notes how they are written on the staff.

Waltz of the Flower

Our ears and brains got a great workout during Waltz of the Flowers. I had them identify by sound the different themes we've come to know in this classical piece. Teaching the students to listen and identify different instruments and themes increases their ear sensitivity and opens them up to hearing other individual sounds.

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Here's a bit of JINGLE BELLS fun for all you basketball fans! Just imagine how well these players must anticipate the hang time of the basketballs to judge when to shoot in order to ring the hoop-bells in time with the song.