Green Turtle Shells Lesson 8

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Lesson #8

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Next week parent’s attend and tuition is due!

Today we colored in our piano books! I think it might have made a couple of them nervous... It’s completely acceptable and we will color more in class! In fact, below is a picture of a song I learned when I was in high school. It helps train your eyes to look at the right things, and sparks the memory so you don't have to struggle to recall every last thing.


Keep up the amazing work at home! They're really building that strength and muscle memory. This foundation we will lay will pay off for years to come!


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Primary Chords Song

Do you want to build more snowmen? Combinations of intervals build chords. We will use ‘snowmen’ to teach the 3 common shapes of chords throughout the 2nd year of Let’s Play Music.

A ROUND snowman shape represents the Red Chord built with two stacks of 3rds.

A TOP-HEAVY snowman shape represents the Blue Chord built with a 4th on the bottom and a 3rd on the top.

A BOTTOM-HEAVY snowman shape represents the YELLOW Chord built with a 3rd on the bottom and a 4th on the top.

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We can find melodic patterns in many songs! Feel free to print out and use the attached melodic pattern flashcards to become pros at hearing, singing, signing, AND playing them! Here are the patterns in some of the songs we are learning this semester.

Sol-Fa-Mi-Re-Do: Dings in Firetruck, end of Row the Boat, end of Bunny’s Birdhouse

Mi-Re-Do: Solfeg Seafriends: end of octopus line, end of Farmer in the Dell, end of Sally Go Round

Sol-Sol-Do: Solfeg Seafriends: end of whale line

Sol-La-Ti-Do: Say, Say Oh Playmate: ending