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Lesson #12
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How is your child progressing on the sol-mi interval? We hear this interval in our "Thread Follows Needle" and "Hey, Hey Look at Me" song. Research has shown that this interval (a minor third) is the first interval children can hear, learn and replicate correctly. If your child can already do this interval they are well on their way to becoming accurate singers! If they are still working on it, have patience! They will get it! 
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Instrument Focus: Triangle
The triangle is a percussion instrument. It is made from a small round steel tube that is bent into a triangle shape with one corner open. It is suspended from a string which allow the triangle to vibrate freely. The triangle is struck with a metal bar called a beater. It has a clear shimmering sound and has been part of the orchestra since the 1700's. The triangle is highlighted playing with the piano in Franz Liszt's Piano Concerto No. 1 in E-flat Major. See the orchestra and hear the playful triangle sound in this video (particularly between 10:30 - 12:30). 
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optional home fun activity

Lesson 12: color and make the elephant puppet

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Un Elephant: This song is packed with new concepts and skills! We gain exposure to French as well as folk music from a different culture. We also get a chance to build our teamwork skills as we feel and anticipate the beat. Here is the English version of this traditional folk song

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