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Lesson #5
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Remember, if you have chosen to complete a "home fun activity" keep the puppet, pattern cards, etc. in the baggie at the back of your workbook. We won't use them every week in class, but when we do, your child will be thrilled to have his/her own prop!
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Why the pentatonic scale?
We are learning how to sign and sign the pentatonic scale in class. This scale is particularly important in the music classroom because it has no half steps (or semi-tones). This means there is a little more space between each pitch which makes it easier to hear each pitch and sing in tune. (The pentatonic scale skips over FA because MI-FA is a half step). Due to it's simplicity, it is the basic scale for folk songs.
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optional home fun activity

Lesson 5: make the blackbird puppets

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Make up a song with this fun online pentatonic scale tool!

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