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Lesson #7
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Make sure your child KNOWS how much you love sharing class time with him/her. Say "I love coming to music class with you, it's my favorite part of the day!" Being excited about getting ready for music class and participating with your child in class helps them know how much we are enjoying our time together, but they also need to hear it from our mouths.
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Can learning music improve my child's ability to read?
Yes! There is a huge connection between music literacy and reading literacy. Singing helps us to use our voices expressively which is essential for successful reading. Children learn how to use dynamics to alter the mood, and when they sing about a character in a story, it helps them make a deeper emotional connection with the book. Also, singing a song with the correct rhythm and phrasing helps the student with these skills that are essential for reading as well. As we ask the child questions about the characters or events in the song we can improve their comprehension ability. These are just a few of the many connections between music and reading comprehension.
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optional home fun activity

Lesson 7: color the shape song on page 6, remember to make each shape a different color

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We had fun dancing like baby elephants together! This baby elephant LOVES his very first pool experience at the Dallas Zoo.

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