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Lesson #8
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See if you and your child can do the Blue Danube Ice Skating dance or the Baby Elephant Walk dance at home. Teach it to your other family members! Let your child "lead" the dance and see how proud he/she will be! Remind parents if they pay monthly that tuition is due next week.
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Creativity and Improvisation
Music improvisation is an indispensable component of a music education. Improvisation is used to develop children's abilities to understand the creative process of music. Following choreographed dance movements is fun and helps the children understand form and hear themes in classical music. To add improvisation to this fun activity, encourage your child to hold dancing scarves (or fabric or towels) or stuffed animals. The children can make up their own movements to the music they hear.
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optional home fun activity

Lesson 8: color the shapes in the back on page 17, cut them out and match them to shapes on page 6

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Connect music and reading literacy by singing your favorite books. Check out this helpful post.

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