Orange Roots Lesson 2

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Lesson # 2

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We introduced our "In a Flash Club" this week to celebrate the kids' improvements in their flashcard times. I will be timing them during class on a regular basis, so please make sure that they bring their flashcards each week (the purple as well as the orange)!



This week, we learned some tricky counting for our eighth notes, and they took right to it! 1+ 2+ 3+ 4+ (the + is said "and"). It may be helpful to remind them that "the beat is the Bug, and the others play along".





If you want to take things up a notch at home, you can print off these optional counting cards - the same ones we will start using in class - today we did the quarter note card and the eighth note card. These are a wonderful counting tool that we will use throughout the semester, and you're more that welcome to get them started at this point with the level 1 cards--completely optional.

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Echo Edison

The newest member of our Echo family has arrived. He is Echo Ed and Echo Edna’s grandfather! He likes to ask musical questions and have the kids give him musical answers. He will not only help us learn technique and play finger exercises in 5 keys, but is the vehicle for helping us create our compositions this semester!

Cadence Blues

Cadence Blues is actually ONLY printed in the key of C in your songbooks, but on your CD you have the 'Blues' in other keys. While playing in the key of F or G, you still have to read the song written in the key of C. That's right! Your little musician will be transposing! Woot woot! Be sure to have a music player available during practice time to make practicing fun!


The new puppet show is entitled Monsters. However, the real name of the puppet show is Montagues and Capulets, also known as Dance of the Knights and is from the ballet 'Romeo and Juliet' composed by Sergei Prokofiev. This puppet show is similar to many of our past puppet shows--it follows the ABA formula that composers love! But the themes are layered on top of each other, and we will further develop our ear training to distinguish the individual layers of sound.

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Wouldn't it be funny if all the characters from our Monsters Puppet Show were actually just friends in their LPM (Lambda Pi Mu) fraternity at Monsters U??? Check it out in this fun post on our Let's Play Music Blog!

Or click here to here to see some fellow Let's Play Music students performing their own Monsters Ballet!