Orange Roots Lesson 11

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Lesson # 11

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I will be sending the finalized version of your child's composition in a separate message. I'm so very proud of them and the hard work and creativity they've put in!!! After this week, we'll stick with what we have, and they can change it all they want after the recital. :) I'll also include an mp3 of their song in case they would find that helpful to practice with. Please have them practice their composition every day. Use theory assignment #11 to help them introduce their recital piece. They should practice saying it out loud each time they practice their composition -- this will help them to be prepared and confident at our recital.

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The progress that we have made in developing our compositions has been exciting. Our homework is preparing us to perform our composition at our recital. Look how cute this spider is as he introduces his composition!

Your student will enjoy these clips of the winners from our National Composition Contest introducing and performing their compositions.

The video below is our Overall Winner for 2017! Click the link above to watch the winners from the other categories!