Orange Roots Lesson 14

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Lesson # 14

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Another great lesson for the books. I gave them their final theory quiz and assessed a few skills, and then we had some fun picking favorites from the last 3 years. I'm going to miss these amazing young musicians! Remember that we will have our final station day next week, and parents will attend.

As a reminder, our recital is on Friday, May 15th at Flint Hill Baptist Church in Fort Mill (269 Flint Hill Rd, Fort Mill, SC 29715) at 6:45 pm.

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Do you know the lesson of the bamboo?? It is no coincidence that our 6th and final semester is called Orange Roots. This is not the end of your child's musical journey, we’ve built the roots for them to continue to grow every day in every way as a musician! By now, your child has attended at least seventy-five classes: 3,675 minutes of classroom instruction. You've found babysitters for siblings so you could be in class on parent week. You've arranged schedules and meal-times and errands so your child could get to all seventy-five classes on time. You set up a daily practice plan and played with your child and assisted in hundreds of hours of practice. You helped with homework. And now something wonderful is finally happening: your child is learning some serious music theory, performing some fantastic songs, and even composing and transcribing their own music. Finally, your bamboo has sprouted!