Orange Roots Lesson 9

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Lesson # 9

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This is a test. Please respond to this email as soon as you read it. I am trying to gauge the effectiveness of sharing information and announcements via Remind/blog posts. With end of year stuff and registration going on, I want to find my most effective way of reaching all my parents. 

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Bagatelle Bridges

This repertoire piece has all the elements that we've learned about in our puppet shows! It has an introduction, a CODA (special ending) and it has 2 BRIDGES. We will actually learn the theme in C Major and then we will get to show off our transposing skills to play it in F and G.


G Major Scale

This is the last of the major scales we will learn during our time in Let's Play Music. All of our scales have taught us finger technique and strength, but also allowed us to understand key signatures and scale compositions. Just as our Magic Keys Song will tell us, Do is G because the F# is a ti -- so don't forget to play that F# on ti!!!

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Even Disney's Aristocats know how important it is to practice their scales (and arpeggios)!


Also, we have attached coloring pages for our Circus Puppet Show for fun!