"Safe Studio"

I have been busy the last few weeks educating myself and prepping the studio, and have become a certified "Safe Studio" through Let's Play Music. Below you will find the safe studio policies that I will implement during the current (2020) pandemic for as long as is deemed necessary. If things worsen, we will move our classes to Zoom, following the SC health and safety guidelines. Generally speaking, we will follow what the Fort Mill School District does - if they close down and go to virtual learning only again, we will follow suit. These policies are subject to change, and I will gauge the comfort level of my students' families before I make any major change. I want you to feel safe and cared for!




Safe Studio Policy


Thank you for joining/considering my studio for the very best music education for your child. I have been certified in the “Safe Studio” procedures and am dedicated to providing a fun, healthy and safe learning environment for all students. To ensure sanitary conditions, I will be implementing the following precautionary measures in my home/studio this fall:


  • A temperature check will be performed on each student upon entering the studio.
  • All students will thoroughly clean hands upon entering studio. Hand sanitizer will be available outside of my home, and I will ask parents to help me ensure that their child(ren) sanitize thoroughly before entering. On parent weeks, parents will also be asked to sanitize. If you prefer to wash hands, you may use the bathroom in the studio. Please head straight to the bathroom to wash before heading to your spot or handing in your homework.
  • Individual sets of instruments and other teaching aids will be provided for each student for use throughout the class rather than a class set to be shared. These sets will be sanitized between classes.
  • Keyboards will be sanitized between classes.
  • Activities will be modified to limit or eliminate the need to touch other class members.
  • Keyboard placement will be spread out to provide as much distance between students as possible.
  • Students will participate in ‘off the bench’ activities in the large area of the studio where we can maintain distance, and spots will be assigned as needed and remain constant throughout the semester.
  • Students and teacher will be required to wear masks and/or face shields. I have a studio set of student shields that we can use that will be sanitized between classes. Parents will need to provide their own mask.
  • To limit the number of people in the studio at a time, we will split the class on parent weeks, and half of the class will attend from home via Facebook live. We will rotate which group attends every other time.
  • Students who are feeling ill will be asked to remain at home, and with at least 2 hours’ notice, I will be able to make sure to do Facebook Live for the class (if not already planned), so the child can attend from home.


Those policies are primarily for the Let's Play Music classes. Differences for Sound Beginnings are as follows:

  • Parents/caregivers attend every week. They will be required to wear a mask during class. The students who are old enough to wear a mask/face shield can do so as well, but our class sizes are smaller, and we will be able to maintain sufficient social distance to have that be of less concern.
  • Because of the above reasons, students will need to remain in their assigned spot and not wander about the studio.


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