Gold Stars Lesson 3


Gold Stars Lesson #3



Music chosen for Sound Beginnings curriculum includes famous folk tunes, nostalgic songs, and quality classical pieces. This semester also incorporates a few pieces chosen to introduce the Chinese language and culture. Interacting with a variety of musical styles expands children’s musical tastes and auditory functions.



In Chinese culture, dragons are considered a sign of luck and good fortune. A traditional dragon dance is often included as part of the Chinese New Year celebration. The Chinese New Year follows the lunar calendar (based on the movement of the moon) and can fall on any day between January 21 and February 20. It is celebrated in other Asian countries, including Taiwan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Traditions include such things as reunion dinners, fireworks, and exchange of red envelopes containing money.


Here’s a cool dragon dance like we did in class this week.



Optional home fun activity: Make the dragon puppet on page 27 of your workbook
(Remember, these activities are optional but can be a great bonding experience to do with your child during the week.)

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